All You Need To Know About A Lightning Rod

10 Jun

 When lightning strikes a building fire can be started and electrocute any person who is in the vicinity.  The only solution to this act of nature is to put measures to protect people and buildings from being damaged. There is a simple device known as a rod or a finial which can guard all sorts of buildings against being destroyed during a storm.  A finial is installed on top of buildings and other structures such as bridges and ships to protect it from lightning. Call us today for more info.

 Besides from straight rods, there are those that are flat, rounded and pointed as well.  The lightning rod can either be hollow, solid or have bristles similar to those of brushes; it depends on the preference of an individual.  Whether the rod is hollow or solid, they work by transferring the electrical charges to the ground using a wire fitted to the device. 

 The main pieces that work together to make device functional are the metal rod, a wire, and a ground absorber.  When the rod is hit by lightning, the electricity travels to the ground via a conductive material. The ground also referred as the earth is another piece of metal that is directed to the real ground.  Once the electricity charges are disposed of off well to the ground, that means that no damage is done to the structures being protected. But, if building owners realize that their rod has been hit by lightning, they should still inspect their home for any harm because a lot of energy has been transmitted. 

 If a building is very tall, that means it needs more protection, so it uses a system of networked devices that are connected using conductors, supports and connectors.  These conductors are then connected to the ground to send the electricity charges to the ground as quick as possible.

 Every homeowner should consider installing a lightning rod in their home if they do not want to count loses after a thunderstorm.  For those homeowners with home insurance should ask their provider if they cover for lightning damages and if not what is the process to doing so.  If you reside in areas like Florida that are more prone to thunderstorms then it is a good idea to invest in a good lightning rod that will protect your structure. 

 If you have a small structure, you should still install a finial because that way you will have a piece of mind and your home will be protected.  A lightning rod has played a big role in ensuring that people are more comfortable in their homes during a thunderstorm. Get quote here.

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